How To Save Electricity

How to save electricity and achieving lower electric bills are topics close to many people’s hearts these days. Good news flash - easily done without making radical lifestyle changes.

Being able to reduce electricity consumption has the added benefit of reducing the households carbon footprint delivering a double bonus of more money in your pocket AND a cleaner world to live in. The part that surprises most people is that big electricity saving measures can be implemented with very minor changes to their habits and/or their equipment.

The prime opportunities to save on electricity stem from the households use of refrigeration, hot water, climate control (air conditioning) and swimming pools. So let’s have a look around the home and see where the biggest improvements for the least cost lie. If this is something you would like some assistance with, many countries have government programs to provide guidance on an individual household basis.

In Australia this was called the Home Sustainability Assessment Scheme and provided individual, specific advise on how to save electricity and make your home more thermally efficient i.e. cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in. The key here is that the assessor is a “fresh set of eyes” who can see things from a different perspective than someone who has lived in a house for several years. Since the federal government decided to terminate this scheme back in 2010 the best way to receive this information is to engage an assessor accredited by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors

Room by Room

To break it down room by room, we have created pages specific to each so we may provide a more detailed overview of how to save electricity and water at your place. Please follow the links for more information.


bathroom heaters

low flow showerheads



gas cook tops

magnetic induction cook tops


clothes washing

clothes drying

Living Room

Then some general comments on

Heating and Cooling


Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Rating Labels

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